Dancing Is A Fun Way To Lose Weight

Submitted by: Chris Chew

When people think about losing weight, they will conjure up mental images of agonizing exercise programs and the horrible idea of food restriction diets. So isn’t it any wonder why people keep putting off losing weight even when they know they need to lose some of that flab to be more attractive and healthy?

Hey, losing weight can be easy and even fun! All you need to do is just consume fewer calories than what your body uses up for your daily activities and watch your body fat will melt away over time. In fact, when you restrict food intake severely, your body will use your muscle for energy and retain your fat and you will lose your muscle tone.

If you add some fun but vigorous physical activities such as dancing or shadow boxing over your healthier eating habits, you will lose your unwanted weight even faster. On top of that, you will improve your physical fitness as well as getting a well toned sexy body. Just take a good look at the bodies of professional dancers, all of them are in superb physical condition and shape, aren’t they?


So if going to the gym and pounding of the treadmill is not your cup of tea, then join a dancing class or go to some dance clubs with your friends and have fun dancing away. By the way, stay off the alcohol and sugary drinks while you are dancing in a club. Those drinks are loaded with loads of calories and all your effort in losing weight will be in vain if you succumb to the temptations.

Do remember that although you may be having fun dancing the night away with your friends, your goal is to burn calories in order to lose weight. Therefore the more vigorous you dance, the more calories you will burn. So choose to dance with highly energetic music and move as much as you can. The idea is to keep your heart pumping hard which leaves you panting so as to create an aerobic effect for you to burn your body fat and at the same time improve your cardiovascular health.

To be even better at fat burning while dancing, choose dance moves that need you to have a dance partner and that swinging, twirling or even carrying each other are part of the dance routine. Some examples of these dances are the salsa, the jive, rock ‘n’ roll and tango.

All these dances are labeled under ballroom dancing with their sub-genres. These styles of ballroom dancing have some strength development effect which works on your muscles making your body looking very well toned and attractive.

If a well toned muscular body and at the same time losing some weight is what you are after, then you may wish to take up hip hop or break dancing. These dance styles involve many movements that need to balance your body weight with your arms and are great for upper body muscular development.

Losing weight need not be a miserably excruciating affair. As said earlier, all you need to do is just to eat a little less than your usual portion of foods and then indulge in some fun but vigorous physical activities to burn off your body fat. Try dancing to lose weight and have fun while at it.

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