Hardwood Flooring An Organic Investment

By Syrah Pompalona

There is a bounty of woods that can be utilized for hardwood flooring. They range from domestic woods such as walnut, pine, birch, rosewood, pecan, mesquite, pecan, hickory, ash or fir to imported exotics such as teak, bamboo (which is really a grass), mahogany, and Brazilian cherry (which is not really cherry but rather from the jatoba tree). Pine was the most popular wood used in Colonial America due to the abundance of forestation in North America. However, today oak is the wood most preferred for hardwood flooring and it comes two colors. White oak is the most popular and has a more conventional appearance with its grey or golden tones. Red oak is less expensive and somewhat less durable. However, its tones can be optimal for a particular room ambience. As they are both light in shade, red or white oak can give a sizable room an open and uncluttered look. Maple is the next most commonly used wood for flooring and quilted maple is the favorite as it is tan in color and has undulating darker bands throughout. ‘Fiddleback’ or flame maple has parallel stripes that alternate light to dark. Tiger or ‘birdseye’ maple is a light color infiltrated with whirls of darker ‘eyes.’ Oak and maple are terrific choices for heavily trafficked such as hallways and kitchens due to their resiliency and toughness.

American cherry is also a popular wood used for flooring as it has a fine textured grain and comes in a variety of colors from pink to burgundy. When exposed to the sun, this wood oxidizes and deepens in color. It is more suitable for areas of a home that are less trafficked as it is softer than oak or maple. Brazilian cherry has to be imported and it is less expensive than American cherry. It is one of the hardest woods in the world. Many types of wood can be combined to make variegated flooring areas with cuts are inserted into patterns such as herringbone or basket weave. Varnishes such as high or medium gloss or a flat finish can also enhance the stylishness of a room.


Hardwood flooring is the platform upon which family life plays out. Natural wood has been used for centuries to bring elegance to a many of styles of homes. Hardwood flooring is the epitome of an elegant home around the world. It is an organic material that provides an earthy basis for many types of home decor. The moisture control surface discourages the development of fungus and bacteria as well as the accumulation of dust. Long before vinyl was developed in 1860 or wall-to-wall carpeting in the 1970s, natural wood flooring has been used in vintage homes. Despite the high initial financial outlay, it is an investment that adds to the resale value of the home. A damp mop can maintain your hardwood floors easily, and they can be sanded and re-stained to restore them. They are also an organic backdrop for area rugs and are very compatible with marble, granite, carpeted areas. Hardwood flooring is generally installed in a ‘strong joint’ or ‘tongue and groove’ manner, and he planks can be cut in different widths and laid vertically, horizontally, or angled.

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