Increase Sperm By Avoiding These Deadly Mistakes


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Increase Sperm Count by Avoiding These Deadly Mistakesrnrn-SmokingrnrnSmoking is not only deadly to your health and lifespan, the toxins and chemicals in tobacco smoke reduce sperm count, have a negative effect on sperm motility and create abnormal shaped sperm. It is not an easy habit to quit- i know myself how hard it is, but with the right support and medication if necessary, it is possible and well worth the effort.rnrnThe best ways to give up smoking include NRT, hypnosis, and acupuncture. It is a good idea to see your doctor to discuss the best method for you. rnrnAs a non smoker you will experience a increase in sex drive, bigger and harder erections due to the increased blood flow and a healthy increase in your sperm and semen volume.rnrn-AlcoholrnrnDrinking alcohol, especially in excess dehydrates your body causing your sperm count and sperm health to become low. Stop drinking completely to achieve the best results and increase your sperm count and-StressrnrnStress is another dangerous emotion which is detrimental to sperm health and sperm volume. A stressed body is not an ideal environment for your sperm to survive. some excellent stress busting techniques include meditation, deep breathing exercises, a change of diet from fast food to fresh fruit and vegetables and yoga. Also consider a trip to see your doctor if your stress levels are extremely high. rnrn-HeatrnrnFertility levels in men are lower in the summer and higher in the winter. Sperm becomes less active in extreme heat because it is not the ideal environment for it to be healthy and survive. This can seriously affect your fertility levels. Overcome this problem by avoiding spas, hot tubs, and saunas, take short showers instead of long hot baths and if you can handle a cold shower then that will be the ideal solution to keep your sperm active. Another thing to look at is tight fitting underwear and clothes which apply unnecessary heat to your testicles. Swap briefs for loose cotton boxer shorts and buy well fitted clothes that leave room to breath.rnrn-CyclingrnrnRiding a bike can have a negative effect of sperm production as the pressure on your testicles and the continuous bumping reduces sperm count.

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