Losing Weight Fast With Fat Burning Supplements

By Warren Fets

As far as fat burner supplements are concerned, a host of new discoveries have been found. Citrus aurantium is one such discovery that has proved to be a potent weight loss supplement. More commonly known as bitter orange, Citrus aurantium acts as an herbal medicine, a stimulant that suppresses appetite. As per recent scientific studies, bitter orange has a very strong power to burn fats without causing any harm to the central nervous system or the cardio vascular system.

Rich in vitamin C, bitter orange is an appetite suppressant, metabolism and energy booster. The tea made out of it cures headaches. It is one the most promising fat burning and weight loss supplements that you can use for shedding excess fat and unwanted body weight.

Synephrine is an active component of bitter orange that boosts metabolism and burns calories. Bitter orange is accredited to melt fat without any side effects. Science reveals that Citrus aurantium stimulates certain receptors that in turn break down fats. This stimulation augments metabolic rate posing no threat to other receptors. For this inherent quality, synephrine has nowadays been replaced with central nervous stimulants such as ephedra in thermogenic or fat-burning programs.


Ephedra which had been banned for its ill effects on health has been successfully replaced with this better alternative with the discovery of Citrus aurantium. Synephrine is thus known as ‘calmer chemical cousin’ of ephedra. The biggest merit of Citrus aurantium lies in not only fat reduction but in not producing unwanted side effects on blood pressure and heart rate.

Its popularity as a fat burning supplement is growing by leaps and bounds. It is being used in most of the natural weight loss supplements because of its thermogenic effects on the body. Its vigor to boost metabolism makes body fat burn at a faster rate than normal and facilitates weight reduction.

Out of the various fat burner supplements, you must opt for Citrus aurantium, as it helps the digestive system to function properly while burning body fat. It works actively in boosting metabolism even when the body is at rest; thus fat reduction takes place very rapidly. It has been found to be effective and safe as well. You are able to purchase it from any natural health food and nutrition store. If you desire to lose weight, this is probably the safest tool.

If you intake 200 to 600 mg of Citrus aurantium extract on a daily basis, you can lose weight fast and also get an array of other benefits. The loss of fat is something which is extremely difficult. However, the use of these supplements should not be done without medical consultation. There are a lot of individuals who tend to get side effects after having these medicines along with other drugs. Hence, as a safety rule it is suggested that you get in touch with your physician for a consultation to find out all about the risks involved with these kinds of supplements and if you are allergic to them.

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