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Submitted by: Lyuben Gergiev

Milk allergy is basically the reaction of the immune system to the proteins contained in the milk of cows. Although these proteins are the building blocks of the body i.e. they are necessary for the growth of cells, since the bodies of people are different from each other some people develop allergies to milk protein (whey or casein). You should know that whey makes up only 20% of the cow’s milk and further it has two components namely beta lactaglobulin and alpha lactalbumin. All age groups can catch a milk allergy but infants and children are the more likely targets and according to an estimate 2 to 3 % of infants become allergic to milk. The allergy will continue to spread and make your life difficult until and unless you start taking precautions or medicines to put an end to it.

Before you think about the treatment of milk allergy you need to know its different symptoms. Symptoms of milk allergy are more likely to affect the skin, the respiratory system and the digestive system. When the skin reacts adversely to milk you will experience swelling of the lips, throat and face. Rashes and hives are other problems of this allergy. Abdominal cramp, diarrhea and vomiting are three common symptoms associated with milk allergy. Respiratory problem include coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes and anaphylactic shock. Some people who have milk allergy become inattentive and lazy.


One of the best ways of preventing any allergy is by stopping the intake of the stuff which your body is unwilling to accept and which your immune system is likely to treat as a foreign agent. If you have milk allergy then you need to be extra cautious when buying the packaged milk. You should read the label of the bottle with care so as to make sure that it does not contain those proteins to which your body is allergic. There are plenty of substitutes of cow’s milk which you can make use of if you have allergy. There are many such products which are good replacements of milk because they contain calcium but do not contain casein which is the main cause of allergy in many patients. There are also recipes which you can prepare if you want to avoid the intake of cow’s milk. These recipes have water and juices as their main ingredients.

Apart from humans, some pets also show symptoms of this allergy. If pets start showing these signs then you need to take them to a veterinarian immediately. If you are experiencing allergy symptoms then you need to consult a physician as quickly as possible. In many countries doctors are quite expensive but since the question is of your health saving money should not be your first priority. You can put effort on your part by taking in seafood and green vegetables. Green vegetables and sea food are not only beneficial for the health but they are very effective in minimizing the allergic reaction of the body to cow’s milk and other dairy products.

About the Author: Now you know what are some of the most common symptoms of milk allergy (in Danish –

Opskrifter til komlksallergikere

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