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Submitted by: Matt Crick

When it comes to predicting and creating trends, whether we think of fashion, music or food, it essentially boils down to one thing: preference. Naturally there are the key influencers, movers and shakers if you like, who inhabit these creative industries and genuinely know what they re talking about. Their professional foresight is of course invaluable to the amateur; the novice home chef, or avid allotment proprietor for example, who collectively love what they produce and eat, however, with food you can t just shove it down people s throats, literally.

Ever since the dawn of the TV chef we can now all be the architects of our culinary creations and in the comfort of our own home. No matter how much we complain about the saturation of these personalities, supported by their innumerable cookbooks, restaurants and branded goods, they are the very reason why food good food can be so easily adapted in our homes, and more importantly, is more popular than ever before. We should all take our hats off to Hugh-Fernley and co.

Last year was a particularly interesting one for food. It was a year where home cooking was cool again, as well as an enjoyable way to bring the family together round the dinner table. The demand for allotments across the country increased by an overwhelming 60%, but enthusiasts had to settle for their back garden (or someone else s) due to the lack of plots in urban areas. And people were generally eating healthier again. This was not the result of a persistent Dr Gillian McKeith imploring the nation to scrutinise our…well, you know what; this was a nation who realised that eating better wasn t just pragmatic, it was actually rather pleasurable too. In short, eating healthier and doing so at home was back on the menu again but will it be the same for 2010?

Over the last few weeks the predictions on what s going to be hot or not for 2010 have been flying around, and as we ve already mentioned, preference will still dictate popularity. It s you who will manipulate this year s trends and it s your choice that truly matters. However, we have still compiled a list of the predictions that we believe will continue to be la mode this year, as well as couple of new ones.

Go local

The UK went crazy for locally sourced produce, meat and fish during 2009 and this demand is unlikely to relent throughout 2010. With chefs such as Ramsey, Oliver, Blanc and Stein all ardently endorsing the need to buy local, this desire has filtered down to millions of households. If you re not fortunate enough to live near the coast or agricultural land, many small supermarkets, as well as heavyweights Tesco and Waitrose, are sourcing locally and ethically, so it will almost be an unavoidable process this year.


You the lamb!

According to the sale of meat during the end of 2008 and throughout 2009 wasn t affected by the economic downturn, with a notable rise in lamb (19.5%). Foodies are predicting that lamb is going to be preferable over beef, with consumers opting for mince and choice cuts from this popular animal. Come the summer, lamb burgers and kebabs will be in full flow.

Watch what you eat

As much as most of us scrutinise what we consume; looking in particular at the health and nutritional benefits, it s clear that food and beverage brands have to be more transparent with their ingredients. Pumped-up foods fortified with various health-enhancing ingredients are out of favour, with the majority of shoppers (88%) believe it s more important to eat foods naturally rich in nutrients instead of fortified or enriched, according to Health Focus International. Foods such as asparagus, kale, peanuts, cabbage and ones packed with Omega-3 s are set for a starring role this year.

Mix it up

For those of you who appreciate quality food, you ll probably already be rather creative in the kitchen. We re pre-empting that you re aiming to be more inventive this year when cooking; combining expensive and wonderful foods with the more everyday. For example, foie gras, truffle powder, duck confit and an abundance of rare cheeses are expected to enhance more rudimentary dishes like salads, rice and pasta.

Eating at home is the new dining out

Yes, you have heard this before, but we will continue to reduce our reliance on restaurants in 2010 and eat more meals at home. This has been a growing trend over the last few years, but the dinner party is the perfect substitute for price and comfort compared to lavishly eating out. Again this is reinforced by our appetite to experiment with cooking at home and showing off to family and friends!

Less is more

We agree with when they say this year will be defined by the concept of less is more. We ll see this in multiple ways; including less packaging, shorter ingredient lists and more understandable ingredients. In 2009, 42% of food and drink categories reduced the number of ingredients per product, imparting the consumer more awareness when shopping healthy.

There are abounding trends for 2010, but overall this is to be the year of healthy home cooking with quality foods. Growing your own is no longer a grandparent s pastime, we are now a nation who understand food and appreciate where it comes from. It doesn t matter how good or bad you are in the kitchen, as long as you enjoy it. There s nothing more gratifying than presenting your cooking concoctions to animated guests in the comfort of your home and it will save you money too. This is the year of the Home Foodie, so what you waiting for?

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