Priceless Lessons You Will Learn From A Godly Marriage}

Priceless Lessons You Will Learn from a Godly Marriage


SAM COLLIERI Do is the Easiest

Couples go into panic attacks and anxieties over the course of planning the most eventful day of their lives their wedding. But a Godly marriage would teach you that saying I do is the easiest thing of all. The wedding no matter how much stress you have put up with to plan and execute it it is no match to the challenges that lie ahead. But have faith that because you have made God as the center of your marriage, you will have strength and encouragement to be victorious throughout the days after your wedding.

You Are Not Alone

Marriage is tough. It presents a new breed of challenges, which you have never experienced before as a single person. However, as challenges may double or triple in your married life, you know that you have someone your spouse and lifetime partner who is there to share the burden. You are not alone. And then there is God who, being the third person in your marriage, is constantly giving you grace for you to see through every obstacle and find joy in your marriage.


One Flesh, Two Spirits

It can be difficult to understand the mystery behind the union of man and wife, but as they come together before man and God, they unite their flesh and souls together as one, but maintain having separate spirits. It is like becoming conjoined twins, but definitely more complex and more mysterious than that. As man and wife in one unified flesh, you have to understand that it will be very painful to separate. It is like cutting or tearing off your limb or arm it can be debilitating.

Kids are Not Indispensable

Remember that you never made a holy vow of matrimony towards your children. No, you made that promise to be united in one flesh with your spouse. Kids you have the responsibility to nurture them and steward them, help them build good relationships with God and the people around them. But when they grow up and lead their own lives they must leave your home, and then you are left with no one but your spouse. Teach your kids the ways of God, and you can rest assured they will be all right. But consciously make everyday count for your spouse because time will come when you have only each other again, and you will reap the fruits of establishing loving, committed relationship with your other half.

Constant Give and Take

Marriage is the coming together of two imperfect people. With the grace of God, you can both create a happy and fulfilling marriage, perfected under God’s provision and love. Along the way, you will have to keep the balance with the both of you giving and taking, giving and taking. You share each other’s burdens and triumphs. You help each other grow. One needs encouragement, the other encourages. This act of selfless sharing and unconditional love helps you grow and mature as a couple.

Marriage is perhaps the most sacred and most personal promise you will ever make in your entire life. It helps to know that despite the tough times ahead, you can take these valuable lessons with you and find encouragement that you can fulfill your promise to one another because you know you have each other, and most importantly, you have God.

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