The Universal Shortage Of Otr Tyres For Heavy Duty Vehicles

The Universal Shortage Of OTR Tyres For Heavy Duty Vehicles


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OTR Tyres – How to handle The Global Shortage

If you work in neuro-scientific mining or construction, possibly you have already encountered a issue with replacing worn OTR tyres. New OTR tyres may be cost prohibitive for many firms and you simply stand little chance of obtaining them unless you have been on a waiting list for some time. This is because there\’s currently a world shortage of OTR tyres. The challenge has become so bad that heavy machinery manufacturers are even shipping their vehicles without tyres.


To a large extent, the global shortage has come about due to rising commodity prices and we are all pretty much in the same boat. This may be associated with very little consolation if you are a small firm and the issue of OTR tyres is costing you big money due to downtime and operating costs each day. There are larger firms that can more easily absorb the high costs of OTR tyre replacement and have a more organized approach to obtaining them. Smaller agencies, on the other side, may simply not enjoy the financial resources to forward order large numbers of replacement tyres.

There are several steps you can take to avoiding such problems should they arise. It\’s very unlikely you will be able to obtain serviceable OTR tyres at short notice due to the high demand; it will likely take weeks or quite possibly months. This means of course that you will need to be more pro-active in thinking about your OTR tyres. If your existing tyres look to become on their way out, then you may benefit from taking a waiting list without delay, especially if the likely downtime will end up costing you far a lot more than the replacement tyres in lost revenue.

You can also wish to look into recycling your worn OTR tyres. This can be a process whereby the tread on your existing tyres is removed by an OTR tyre specialist on a tyre buffing machine. When removed mechanically, the rest of the tread is removed personally leaving only the core of the tyre using a really labour intensive process termed skiving. The specialist will next check the integrity with the remainder of the tyre and set about repairing any defects simply using a type of cement periodontal adhesive. Once the tyre is usually restored to its primary condition, a new thread is then attached using a machine. This process is expensive due to it being very labor intensive but far cheaper than buying a fresh tyre and the downtime is likely to be far less than needing new OTR tyres being available.

You could also gain by doing regular inspections to your existing tyres; learn to recognise the signs that will end up in a tyre needing substitute. It\’s also a good option to teach staff members to undertake the same. Developing a strict management system for you OTR tyres will keep your operation working smoothly with as little downtime as possible, saving your company a lot of expense.

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The International Shortage Of OTR Tyres

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