Tips To Keep Your Teeth Strong And Healthy}

Tips to Keep Your Teeth Strong and Healthy


Dr. Nazila NosratiehMost of us are very keen to keep our teeth strong and healthy. To keep your teeth healthy, you need lifetime care and maintenance. Even though you have nice teeth, you need to take more care of your teeth to maintain your oral health. Initially, the symptoms of the dental issues won’t be noticeable. You need to have regular dental visits which can help you identify various dental issues in its early stage and treat it. This could avoid complications in the future. Here we have mentioned few tips to keep your teeth strong and healthy.- Don’t go to sleep without brushing- Brush properly- Use the toothpaste that contains fluoride- Give importance for flossing- Don’t forget your tongue- Use mouthwashDon’t Go To Sleep Without BrushingEvery dentist in Parramatta suggests brushing twice a day, but most of us don’t have the habit of brushing at night. Brushing before going to bed can avoid the formation of germs and bacteria in your mouth. Brush ProperlyBrushing your teeth properly is an important factor to maintain your oral health. Poor brushing is equal to not brushing your teeth. This could, in fact, don’t eliminate the formation of plaque on your teeth. The unremoved plaque may lead to calculus build up and early gum diseases. So brush your teeth properly and avoid the various dental diseases.Use the Toothpaste That Contains FluorideWhile brushing, you need to give importance to choose the right toothpaste. No matter which version you choose, it is essential to choose the toothpaste containing fluoride since it defence your teeth against tooth decay and fights against germs.Give Importance for FlossingFlossing helps to reduce plaque, stimulate your gums, and reduce inflammation. Most dentists suggest flossing twice a day to reap these benefits.Don’t Forget Your TongueAs like teeth, plaque can build up in your tongue and cause bad mouth odour. The plaque build-up can also lead to various dental diseases too. So you need to brush your tongue gently whenever you brush your teeth. Use MouthwashUsing mouthwash can also help you maintain good oral health. Mouthwash helps you in many ways, and that includes- Decreases the amount of acid in the mouth- Re-mineralizes your teeth- Cleans in and around your gums and hard-to-brush areasYou can use the mouthwash recommended by the Parramatta dentist, since certain mouthwash is best for children, some for adults. So it is better to get suggestions from your dentist before choosing the mouthwash.

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