What Is Acu Yoga Massage Therapy?

By Emily Taylor

Acu-Yoga massage is a type of massage that uses a combination of two of the most popular and commonly used techniques in natural healing. Acupressure and yoga are both used on this therapeutic treatment in healing the body as well as relieving stress and body pain. Basically, it is a combination of traditional Chinese medicine and the discipline of Yoga that started in India.

Acupressure is the method of applying certain amount of pressure while stimulating the pressure points of the body in order to heal, release tension and stress as well as calm the body. During the acupressure massage part of Acu-Yoga massage, the patient lies on the floor on a massage mat in order for the therapist to apply needed pressure with convenience, especially when the use of the whole body weight is required. On the other hand, yoga is known as a discipline that uses breathing exercises, meditation, and physical exercises. This is done in order for the body to have a good circulation, relaxed muscles, good emotions, improved mental health, and for a good mind and body coordination.


This method was developed by Michael Reed Gach in the 1970s as an alternative medicine believed to help in balancing the energy within the human body. Gach believed that obtaining this goal in return triggers the body to rejuvenate itself much better and quicker than it would normally do with conventional medicines and treatment.

This type of massage therapy uses the ideas of traditional Chinese medicine that focuses on the concept that energy or life force is responsible for the good physical and mental health of a person. Qi or chi is believed to be flowing all over the body and should be flowing freely without any blockage at all to maintain a healthy condition. In case of blocked energy lines, acupressure is used to remove any clogging and restore the body in its former state.

During the massage session, the patient assumes a yoga position for the body to benefit by relaxing comfortably and in return receives the therapy of acupressure much better than the common massage postures. Breath exercises and body movements are also performed during the treatment as it heightens the level of relaxation, muscle and joint flexibility, and stress-relief. The massage therapist helps the patient to position in different yoga postures to obtain a good energy flow which also allows the therapist to fully deliver a good acupressure on the different pressure points of the body in such convenient postures. Most therapist targets the neck area of the patient as it is said to be the most positively responsive to the acu-yoga therapy. The neck holds several pressure points that are vital in relieving tension and stress. This treatment is effective in preventing further problems due to both stress and tension that usually gives birth to other problems such as headache, back pain, and other problems including emotional problems such as anxiety and depression. If you are looking for meditation and relaxation while your overall health (physical and mental) improves significantly, try acu-yoga massage therapy.

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