What Makes Dental Implants So Popular In The Field Of Cosmetic Dentistry?

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In the field of cosmetic dentistry, many advances have been made out of which dental implants is one of the most prominent ones. Before this procedure, the only medical way available to replace any loss of tooth was dentures. But dentures often looked very unnatural and ugly. This brought forth the introduction of dental implants, which are basically artificial teeth that cosmetic dentists use when they need an alternate to both partial and full dentures. The reason why they are so popular is because they are long lasting and permanent as compared to dentures. On top of that, they also look much more attractive as compared to traditional dentures. Post this procedure, the patient is able to fully use these artificial teeth for any purpose needed just the way original teeth are used. The patient can easily start speaking and eating with these artificial dentures soon after the surgical process is performed.

Dental implants are a specialized procedure that not all dentists can perform. You should carefully analyze the credentials and years of experience of the cosmetic dentist before getting the procedure done. Most dentists that perform this procedure are called prosthodontists. The process of this procedure is quite lengthy and you should be prepared to make several visits to your dentist before you can walk away with your brand new teeth. The dentist starts the process by first drilling two holes into the patient s jaw. Into these two holes, the dentist inserts screws made of titanium. After this process, the patient has to wait for several months before dental implants can be placed. This is because, the bone has to re-grow itself around these screws to make sure that it is effectively and securely in place and there are no chances of it moving out of place. After that, the dentist places the artificial teeth onto those screws, where they remain permanently.


This procedure is being performed on millions on patients all over the world each day. The success rate of this procedure is quite high, but sometimes, like with any other surgical procedure, the dental implants fail. The percentage of failed cases in the upper jaw has been ten percent while the percentage of failed cases in the lower jaw has been only five percent. The patients, in whom the failure of is high are those who smoke very heavily. This is why many dentists recommend their patients that they first quit smoking before they consider going for this procedure. Along with smoking, other problems like poor dental hygiene can also become factors causing failure of this procedure because when dental hygiene is low, the chances of infection in the tissues that surround the dental implants increases. Other gum diseases might also happen if proper care is not taken.

The benefits of dental implants surpass its few problems. Those people who go through severe accidents in which they lose not one, but several teeth often need a permanent solution, and that is where dental implants works best. The best thing is that they do not even need any reclining or replacing the way dentures do. They do not even need to be removed for any cleaning purposes. The patient does not even have to worry about any cavities developing in his or her artificial teeth. Simply brushing regularly and flossing helps the patient in keeping good care of his/her ants and eliminates any risks of gum diseases too. Dental implants are surely a great breakthrough in cosmetic dentistry.

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