What To Expect With Respite Care In Spokane, Wa

byAlma Abell

Caregivers of patients with special needs such Alzheimer’s have a great responsibility, especially when they are giving around-the-clock care to these patients. They need a break from the intensity of being involved in such care. This is where a service called respite care can help. Respite care provides short-term stays for patients who need this care, usually in a senior community. Sometimes, the patient can receive this care at home, but the regular caregiver is given a reprieve from the care. There is a senior community that provides Respite Care in Spokane WA. Here are some of the activities that are involved in the care.


Because the family caregiver usually attends to all of the needs of the patient with some sort of memory loss disorder such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, respite care is just right, as the caregivers involved are trained to give the same level of care to the family member’s loved one. This enables the family caregiver to go on vacations, travel abroad, or take care of other needs. The respite caregiver is able to deal with the high level of stress that usually accompanies care for those with memory problems.

Some of the services rendered include medication management, three nutritious meals a day, assistance with needs for personal care, such as grooming and bathing, outings, and other recreational activities, laundry, transportation to and from various places, housekeeping, and 24-hour security and supervision of the patients. These stays are usually no more than a month, and the patients can be assured of committed service while in respite care.

The Orchard Crest Retirement Community offers respite care for families in the Spokane area. Licensed nurses are on staff eight hours a day along with a full-time living director who is also an R.N. The respite care patient will have a fully-furnished apartment, which includes television, bedding, towels, dishes, and even decorations. There are many activities at the community the loved one can immerse himself or herself in. If family members need a break from their loved one who has Alzheimer’s or some other limited condition, they can get Respite Care in Spokane WA. Visit the website, http://orchardcrestretirement.com/, for more information.